Onyekachukwu Iloanya

Onyekachukwu Anthony iloanya is a visual Artist. He grew up as a boy in Onitsha, the commercial hub of Anambra State, Nigeria. There he scavenged refuse dump sites to recycle scraps into play toys. This act has turned to the artistic prowess of his works that he enjoys today by converting waste to aesthetic wealth.

His humble beginning easily points and helps his audience identify the message of Hope in his works. This becomes obvious in the expression of the subject matters and in the vibrant choice of colours expressed in his paintings. In conveying his message of Hope, he equally embellishes his sculptures composed of discarded metal scraps with relishing tones of colours.

In his artistic renditions, this artist often employs indirect method of metal scraps assemblage rather than the conventional direct method common among sculptors. Onyekachukwu believes that achieving healthier environment is the duty of all with the artists playing pivotal roles.

He currently resides and practices his Art in Abuja, Nigeria.