About Osondu

Osondu is a collection of my Afrocentric drawings, these drawings are characterized by symmetric lines, portraying different social cultural phenomenon, my drawings are inspire by the rich Igbo philosophical ideology such as the Uli and Nsibidi designs as well as everyday life.
The lines where deliberately organized to dazzle me as well as the viewer; different motives, thin and thick lines, showing movements and complexity of human mind, thought process and imagination. During the process, I allow the line to guide or direct itself and tell its own story. That is, I don’t necessarily decide or plan the outcome before commencing; this is Art, it supposed to have its own life and narratives, and in life know matter how you plan and strategize, the best part still happen spontaneously, unplanned and when this goes well it looks like everything perfectly falls into plan, while in realty, we know that we cannot get hold of creative process, because it is beyond logic.

Benjamin Osondu Onuorah
Visual Artist and Computer Scientist


Phone: 08037490533, 08029376475
Email: benjamin.onuorah@gmail.com